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Digicel 4G MiFi Broadband Device

 Digicel 4G MiFi Broadband

Frequently Asked Questions


1.      What is the MiFi Device?

a.      The MiFi device is a small portable mobile wireless router which allows you to connect to the internet on the go at 4G speeds across Grand Cayman.

2.      How much do I pay for a MiFi Device?

a.      The price for the Mifi device are as follows:

                                                              i.       $99 Postpaid

                                                            ii.      $149 Prepaid


3.      How much does is the plan for the Mifi Device?

a.      Postpaid the Service is Ci$58.00 Per month.

b.      Prepaid you have three options:

                                                              i.      Day -$5.00

                                                            ii.      Week-$19.00

                                                          iii.      Month-$58


4.      What devices can I connect to the MiFi?

a.      You will be able to connect any WiFi enabled peripheral device.


5.      How many devices can you connect to the MiFi Device?

a.      5

6.      How long will the battery last on the MiFi Device?

a.      The device has a battery life of 4 hours.


7.      How do I recharge the MiFi Device?

a.      The device can be recharged through any USB portal.


8.      Will I be able to protect my MiFi Signal with a password?

a.      Yes


9.      What do I have to do to enable password protection?

a.      Once the device is plugged and you are connected you can click on the following link.

b.      Next you will click on the Networking Tab located at the top of the page.

c.       Adjust your Devices Channel to 11.

d.      Locate the WLAN SSID – scroll down and you should have the WEP option enable and change the units SSID to DIGI WIFI .

e.      Change the Encryption Type to WEP.

f.        Under WEP Settings select KEY1. Look on the back of your device and copy the WEP: ********** into the Key 1 area.

g.      After you’ve altered your SSID and enable the WEP settings hit Apply. And your MiFi Modem will be secured from other users logging onto your signal.


10.  How far will the signal from the MiFi device be able to be broadcasted?

a.      The device broadcasts WiFi connectivity for a distance of up to 30 ft.


11.  Does the MiFi Device have the same 4G speeds as your broadband?

a.      Yes. The MiFi connects to the internet using Digicel’s 4G Broadband network which operates using the latest WiMax 802.16e technology.

12.  What areas will I be able to receive signal on my MiFi Device?

a.      This network provides 4G mobile and residential internet from WestBay, along SMB corridor, through Georgetown and out beyond Bodden Town. The network is being expanded across Grand Cayman with a site already live in East End and further sites expected to go live in September in Old May Bay, Frank Sound and Breakers.